outdoor Summer activities

The many summer activities on and around Lake Tahoe include boating, fishing, swimming, walks along the 71 miles of shoreline, and a whole host of other water based activities. With over 71 square miles of surface area, the lake enables virtually any kind of water activity. Since it's your vacation, whether you want to do your own thing or prefer to take a tour bus, boat, helicopter, or hot air balloon ride, you'll have no trouble finding fun and excitement, relaxation, family outings, even romance, on or by the waters of Lake Tahoe.

Speed about in a motor boat or glide smoothly across the mirror-like surface of the lake in your sailboat. Lake Tahoe is a boating paradise with marinas and boat ramps located on all four sides of the lake. Some lake enthusiasts water ski, wakeboard, parasail, and jet-ski. Others sail, kayak, canoe, or windsurf. Why not head on over to Emerald Bay on the western side of the lake. Here, surrounded by the Emerald Bay State Park, is a quiet refuge from the modern world where nature's natural beauty is on display. Fannette Island in the middle of the bay is the only island in Lake Tahoe. Emerald Falls is visible from the bay as is Vikingsholm Castle, a mansion built in 1929, and considered one of the finest examples of Scandinavian architecture in the western hemisphere.

Mackinaw trout is the best sport fish species in the lake. Technically salvelinus namaycush, but more commonly known as Lake Trout, they are a cold water fish that normally spend the summer months deep in the water to avoid the warmer temperatures near the surface. Other trout found in Lake Tahoe include rainbow and brown. Kokanee salmon is prevalent in the lake as well. Kokanee is the name given to Sockeye salmon when they're confined to fresh water lakes. If sport fishing is your game, you'll be more than happy with the fish of Lake Tahoe.

The Truckee River is the only outlet from Lake Tahoe and white water rafting, fishing, or ATVing along the river banks are some of the more adventurous activities. Picnicking, with and without barbeque grills, sunbathing, walking along the lakefront, building a sand castle; there are parks and picnic areas scattered liberally all along the lakeshore. Instead of a hotel, consider staying at the 3 Peaks Resort and Beach Club. You'll have no trouble walking back and forth between the beach and your room or suite – or the mall if you forgot the hotdog buns.

Had enough of the water? Hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding are all popular pastimes in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Biking trails are quite numerous and all levels of exertion are available from the casual sightseeing trail to the rough and tumble mountain bike challenge. Hiking trails are also found all around the lake and range from a casual stroll to quite strenuous climbs. Follow the Tahoe Rim Trail for 165 miles completely circling the lake. On the western side of the lake lies the Desolation Wilderness, high on the Sierra Crest. Backpackers seeking the unusual will be rewarded with Lake Aloha, Horsetail Falls, and other highly regarded natural wonders.

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